Acres and Insights on Land Measurements

July 29, 2016 // Posted in: Uncategorized

Ever wonder exactly what the plat descriptions for your property mean? Or scratch your head about the length of a furlough and a rod? Land descriptions can sometimes be confusing, as they originated in an era of measurement before GPS coordinates and the metric system. There is a method to the measurements, though.

For most people, understanding the basics of land measurement can be a valuable skill when considering property. The chart attached will share the basics, and help you navigate your next property review more effectively. Just remember, there’s 640 acres in a square mile, called a section, making a quarter section parcel equal to 160 acres. And, a great help in reading legal descriptions is to start reading from the end to the beginning.

Good luck and be sure to ask your regional LandGuy if you have questions about understanding land measurements or where to find the best quality properties for sale.

-LT Taylor