Catch-and-Release Conservation Fishing

March 4, 2016 // Posted in: Farms For Sale

Catch-and-Release Conservation Fishing

Conservation is a familiar topic to all outdoorsmen. An important key to conservation fishing is catch-and-release, keeping only memories of trophies and allowing fish populations to grow.

Here, LandGuy Don Wagner presents a true trophy bass from the Henry 200 property, featured at this link:


Catch-and-release techniques include barbless (or pinched barb) hooks, wet-handling of fish, careful treatment of the gills, and quick return to water. A fish held out of water for thirty seconds takes approximately two hours to achieve cardiac recovery. Hold the same fish two minutes out of water and over four hours are required for cardiac recovery (Cooke et al., 2001). Support catch-and-release trophies by the mouth and body, then return to the water, with reviving if necessary, with the current, as soon as possible. Using correct techniques for fish handling greatly increase survivability!

Enjoying conservation fishing the right way means being able to enjoy fishing longer!

To see great fishing habitat like the Henry County 200 listed above, or to talk about finding your perfect fishing location, give your regional LandGuy a call today.

LT Taylor