LandGuys Blog

  • Weekly Property Updates (July 5th)

    July 6, 2020

    Chippewa County, WI has three new listings available this week. Two new listings are available across Illinois. A tillable farm and an ownership share of 888 acres in Schuyler County. View these new listings and more property updates here.

  • Weekly Property Updates (June 28th)

    June 30, 2020

    Three new Fulton County, Illinois listings are available this week as well as one new listing in Fayette County. One new listing is available in Sawyer County, Wisconsin. See these new properties and more listing updates here.

  • Weekly Property Updates (June 21st)

    June 24, 2020

    Four new hunting and residential farms are for sale in Illinois this week. One hunting farm has a reduced price. View these updates and more pending sales, sold properties here.

  • Weekly Property Updates (May 17th)

    May 18, 2020

    Multiple new residential, hunting land, farm and getaway properties are available for sale this week. A northern Wisconsin and northern Illinois listing have reduced prices this week. Also, six listings are sale pending. View these property updates and more here.

  • Weekly Property Updates (May 10th)

    May 11, 2020

    This week there is a new listing for a 40 acre hunting farm in Schuyler County, Illinois and a cabin in northern Wisconsin. Also, two listings have reduced prices a beautiful townhome on Lake Springfield and a 60 acre hunting property in Schuyler County, Illinois.

  • Weekly Property Updates (April 26th)

    April 27, 2020

    This week there is a new listing in Wisconsin and several that are pending and sold. The new WI listing consists of 79 acres that are hunting and recreation swamp ground. This property is made up of mostly grass and some conifer trees on the South 40. It holds many wildlife species including deer and bear.

  • Weekly Property Updates (April 19th)

    April 20, 2020

    A hunting property with tillable income is available this week in west central Illinois along with a tillable farm in north central illinois. Four properties are for sale across southern Wisconsin this week as well. Three in Dodge County and one in Walworth County, WI. A beautiful country home near Peoria, IL has a reduced price. View these updates and more here.

  • Weekly Property Updates (April 12th)

    April 13, 2020

    This week we brought to market three new listings offering hunting, a beautiful country home with the outdoors just steps away, and a northern Wisconsin getaway cabin on 130 acres. Three properties have price reductions, one wooded property in Carroll County, IL and two homes on acreage in Chippewa and Rusk County, WI.

  • Weekly Property Updates (April 5th)

    April 5, 2020

    This week in review: four new listings are newly on the market and one Illinois listing has a reduced price.

  • Weekly Property Updates (March 29th)

    March 29, 2020

    Six new listings are now available this week, three in Illinois and three in Wisconsin. Two Illinois listings and one Iowa listing have reduced prices.