Flood waters threaten duck feed in Illinois!

June 25, 2015 // Posted in: Uncategorized


This years flood will undoubtedly change the dynamics of our 2015 duck season here in Illinois. Most flood stage forecasts are predicting a crest in the moderate to major flood category throughout most of the Illinois River Valley, so what does this mean for our 2015 duck season?


In most cases flooding on the Illinois River is normal and land managers have learned to adapt and manage with the “ups and downs” of the water levels. This years flood is going to be slightly different for waterfowl managers as they are not going to have time to consider planting corn as a duck attractant for this fall. Some short season corn may still be planted but most of that will be dictated by the speed in which the flood waters recede. It is likely that most waterfowl sites “public” and “private” will have to rely on Japanese Millet and natural vegetation to attract and hold ducks this fall.


Both Japanese millet and natural vegetation are good attractants for waterfowl, but there ability to “hold” the ducks in the area are diminished as the temperatures drop, ducks tend to focus on a feed that will give them a higher amount of carbohydrates, such as corn.

It is too early to tell what the fall migration is going to bring, but I am anticipating a good early season with a potential for some great “field” hunting a little later in the season.

Stay posted for a sneak peak at a one of a kind turn-key waterfowl property coming to our website very soon.


-Matt Cox