History of Heck Whittington Decoys and his Great-Nephew’s Start

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Our very own managing broker, Scott Whittington, has a history in the Illinois River Style Decoy Gunners! His great Uncle Heck Whittington first carved his gunning decoys back in the 1920s for personal use and then grew into commercially supplying individuals and hunt clubs, from Putnam County, IL to clubs on the Mississippi River. He was one of the first to create realistic plumage detail in his hunting rig decoys by using vermiculation while painting.

His hunting rigs were made of mallards, pintails, bluebills and Canada geese. As he got older, he started making decorative mantel decoys with even more detail.

Check out this article by Donna Tonelli giving a quick overview on Heck.

Some of Heck’s earlier works- The Gunners…



early gunners5




To the decoratives…


gadwall hen

Picture 030

Picture 034


…and even some flying mallard decoys!

1950s flying

Most all his decoys were stamped with the date and his name, some he signed.



And here is Scott’s own entry into the wooden decoy world…

scotts greenwing teal 1


scotts oldsquaw