Illinois — Land of Opportunity and Diversity

November 23, 2015 // Posted in: Uncategorized

According to the National Park System,100 million Americans live within a one hour drive of a national park or wildlife refuge. Illinois is an perfect example of finding wild spaces in urban places.

Candid aerials from Chicagoland last week demonstrate highly-planned housing and incredibly diverse wild places.

Chicagoland is home to over 68,000 acres of designated refuges and parks. Cook County alone boasts vast tracts of virtually unchanged landscapes, as shown in the photograph of the the Cook County refuge. The areas require constant maintenance. Last week, several controlled burns were started to rejuvenate the natural habitat, nearing obscuring the entire view of the world-famous Chicago skyline.

Find your own wild place, by enjoying state or federally managed areas near you, or by contacting your regional LandGuy for a walk on what could become your very own wildlife refuge. Scores of locations are available within a short drive from the Chicagoland area…all hold opportunity and diversity for you to enjoy.

– LT Taylor

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