Illinois Waterfowl Season Underway

October 24, 2016 // Posted in: Uncategorized

Illinois Waterfowl Season Underway

Hopefully the weekend brought great things to the duck and goose hunters of Illinois.

Ducks Unlimited is a wonderful resource for gear and tactics, like the graphic below describing a basic duck set-up, found in this month’s DU newsletter.

It’s good to have a refresher, or assurance when the birds are staying high. And, remember, the best way to assure the continuance of the sport is to bring new sportsmen and conservationists into the fold. That means patiently teaching and sharing.

 If you are searching for that perfect waterfowl property to make a life legacy for you and your family, be sure to see your regional LandGuy.

 Like you, we believe in patiently teaching and sharing the best of the outdoors!

 – LT Taylor