Land Enhancements

Part of the appeal of buying recreational and investment property is being able to enhance the property into your dream property. LandGuys can help you, as we work very closely with sub-contractors to make it happen.

Land Excavation, Trail Systems & Food Plot Clearing

  • Create roads, access trails, and creek crossing to add enjoyment and usage to your property.
  • Clear large areas for food plots and potential cabin/ home locations.
  • Transform overgrown pasture into productive tillable.
  • Build structures to allow for better water drainage.

Pond Construction

Ponds attract many types of waterfowl, provide a constant source of water for all types of wildlife, and adds esthetic value to your property. Add great fishing for year round usage and enjoyment of your property. We can help with new construction, and cleaning or rebuilding old ponds.

Habitat Management

Most properties already have suitable habitat for deer, turkeys, and small game but there is always room for improvement. Here are some suggested ways of creating better habitat:

  • Hinge cut timber to create thicker portions of your property for bedding and security.
  • Add warm season grasses, such as Big Blue Stem, Sudan Grass, or Egyptian Wheat – which can grow grow 6-12 feet tall. Adding these grasses can change the whole feel of your property and turn open areas into the thickest cover for miles.
  • Remove invasive species of vegetation. This insures you have quality browse available for wildlife.

Food Plot Service

Attract and hold more deer with targeted product and strategically located food plots. While supplemental food plots are not a ‘cure-all’, they do supply much needed nutrients and protein year around- especially for rut weary bucks needing to replenish and does that need to produce protein rich milk for productive healthy fawns. Having readily available food through the winter months provides bucks with the needed protein to reach full potential.

With the right nutrients and the age structure, you are on your way to trophy whitetails. Keep in mind that deer are browsers. We can create and maintain a variety of forage,  preferably in several smaller hidden plots versus one or two large ones.

Types of Browse:

  • Clovers/Chickory Mixes
  • Oats/Brassicas (Late Fall)
  • Turnips, Standing Beans and Corn (Winter)

Tree Plot Service:

A variety of high-quality trees provide a long-term food sources for your wildlife. Whether you have lowlands, uplands, or transitional land we have you covered. If you are looking for mast trees with specific drop times and/or species that are edge and shade tolerant we have you covered. LandGuys work closely with FlatWood Natives to help you add a variety of trees for your wildlife; apple, pear, chestnut, oaks, etc.

Read below to see how FlatWood Natives can help provide a high-quality food source:

‘We are a habitat solutions company specializing in high-quality mast producing trees for hunting success. Flatwood Natives provides everything the landowner needs to properly install tree plots that will thrive and provide long-term food sources that wildlife crave. We have the education and experience in growing high-quality trees. We have over 10 years of habitat work in the field of reclamation. We have grown and planted millions of trees for some of the largest landowners in the nation. Our knowledge of what works in harsh environments gives us the edge over all other nurseries. We have taken our experience providing a hardier tree and coupled it with our passion for wildlife and the outdoors. Flatwood Natives offers both hard and soft mast species for your wildlife. Our trees are hardier, withstand transplant shock better and we use proven planting methods that give your tree every chance to survive.

We understand and appreciate what it takes to turn a property into a high-quality habitat. At Flatwood Natives, we want to help you take the next step in adding tree plots that can provide a perennial source of nutrients to your management arsenal. We want to be your “go-to” source for trees when it comes to planting long-term food sources for wildlife. Flatwood Natives offers a variety of packages that cater to specific conditions, or we can leave it to you to choose what’s best for your properties. For more information regarding our tree plot packages and the other products we offer, feel free to give us a call or check out our selection under “trees” section of our website www.flatwoodnatives.com ‘

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Lodge/Cabin Construction

Housing needs are different for all land owners. LandGuys has been a part of building 800 sq./ft. low maintenance cabins to 11,000 sq./ft. hunting lodges. We would be happy to discuss ideas and show you some of the homes and cabins and help you add resale value.

Interior Design

If you want your lodge, hunting cabin or home to look incredible you may want to call in a professional to make it happen. Patty Stay is that professional.
‘Plopping down your old favorite recliner that your wife made you get rid of is not called decorating. I have 15 years of experience in designing interiors for lodges, hunting cabins and homes. From the simplest cabin or cottage to a million dollar lodge, I create a beautiful finished look that will make you proud. I have completed nine lodge projects in Illinois, mostly in Brown and Adams Counties. I am originally from New York State and came to this part of Illinois to work on Eagle Outfitters Lodge and Illinois Connection’s original lodge. I have completed projects in Upstate New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee and Illinois. Last summer we completed Tony and Misty Smotherman’s Travelin’ Hunters Illinois Base Camp. Photos of that are on their website. Then I went on to work on Illinois Connection’s new 5,000 sq. ft. “addition”, photos also on their website. Every project is original and is designed around the owner’s personality – and budget. I can come into an existing project and “tweak it out” with an inexpensive update, or work with your contractor to create your special space from the blueprints to completion. When you have waited so long to have your own place, don’t leave it up to amateurs to finish it. Call in a trusted professional’ – Patty Stay 518-763-2858 or Paintchk@gmail.com.

The Artist


Illinois Base Camp

Pittsfield Project (Before & After)

Other Transformations