Spring Thaw Complete and Wildlife is Abundant at Henry County 200

March 2, 2016 // Posted in: Farms For Sale

Boasting incredibly deep and clear water, this Henry County 200 property promises great spring fishing action along nearly endless shorelines and countless hideaways for wary bass.

Although lakes and ponds were frozen through winter, this sportsman’s paradise is warming with the lengthening spring days and welcomes enjoyment through a variety of outdoor activities, shown in this aerial photograph from February 29th.

Whitetail were plentiful all winter, as trail camera photographs prove. Outstanding bucks grouped together for the cameras and through the snowy season. Now, does are preparing to fawn in the thickets, assuring another generation of quality deer on this managed property. Turkey continue to make their roosts throughout the entire property, taking the occasion to stroll in the sunshine on a daily basis. Rounding out the wildlife preserve atmosphere, small game and wild birds are to be found everywhere.

Take a moment to enjoy the high quality videos showing huge bass and explore the trail camera snapshots of deer on this particularly diverse property. Give LT Taylor a call today to schedule a time to walk the ridges and survey the ponds, as you discover first-hand some of the best habitat in Illinois.