Whitetail Shed Season Underway

February 26, 2016 // Posted in: Uncategorized

With the melting of winter’s snow and the lengthening of spring days, most outdoorsmen eagerly seek reasons to spend more time in the woods.  A spring shed safari is just the reason!  Whitetail bucks are a natural wonder, growing antlers at a rate of nearly 1/2″ per day when good nutrition and strong genetics are present. Likewise, when testosterone levels drop through the winter, special cells, called osteoclasts, are produced. Osteoclasts eat away bony connections at the base of antlers, causing them to be cast. Wounded or weak bucks tend to cast antlers easier and earlier.  Even trophy bucks shake their antlers by the hints of spring. This is a perfect time to start your woodland treks, reacquainting yourself with whitetail haunts of fall and watching the ground for a collectible sheds.  And, feel free to send pictures of your success, sharing found-shed photographs with your regional LandGuy.


– LT Taylor